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Ultra-violet light rays (UV rays) are emitted by the sun; our eyes are just as vulnerable to UV rays as our skin. To protect our skin from developing sun related skin conditions we must apply sunscreens, but how can we protect our eyes from sun related eye conditions?  


Ensuring you book an eye test when you are due or have any concerns related to your eye health will increase the chance of your optometrist detecting any possible conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure or even a brain tumour in its earliest form, this is sight or even life saving! 


Moreover, children are no exception as during the early years of their life they have a “critical period” where the visual system is particularly vulnerable to disruption as it has not matured. Therefore, any abnormal visual experience that has not been detected and resolved will affect the developing process; the risk of this is reduced by attending a simple eye examination. 


Finally, your prescription is likely to change over the course of your life. It is important to have the correct prescription otherwise you may experience the following symptoms, blurry vision, headaches and even double vision.

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